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2023 equifab Landscaper Dump Body

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In order to exceed the highest industry standards, all our landscaper dump bodies are made of aluminum extrusion. Extruded aluminum is strong and light weight giving you a better performance, durability, fuel economy and lower maintenance




  • Extruded aluminum floor, tailgate as well as the top and bottom rails
  • 7T or 12T telescopic cylinder
  • 15″ drop sides
  • Detachable corner posts
  • 21″ two-way tailgate
  • Cab protector with tarp
  • LED lights
  • Body lenght 8′ or longer




  • Tool rack
  • Toolbox
  • Hitch plate
  • Wich with 3″ starps with track
  • Hyfix safety system
  • Front traffic cone rack single or dual
  • PTO
  • Aluminum ladder
  • 18″ drop sides c/w 24″ tailgate or 24″ drop sides c/w 30″ tailgate

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