Trailers Plus customers have one thing in common - they get around and to some very interesting places all year round.

Here is a selection of comments from a few satisfied customers:


Thank You!!

My wife and I made a decision early this year that we wanted to spend our vacations trail riding with our two horses in Canada and in the US, which meant we needed a LQ horse trailer, because our existing two horse bumper pull just wasn't going to cut it. So after a lot of online comparison shopping we narrowed our choice down to two brands, one of them being Merhow (even though they're not yet common in Ontario). Fortunately for us, Trailers Plus in Peterborough is a dealer so we got to see the trailers first hand without a lot of driving. We were also quite fortunate to encounter Steve Thomas, who while being a salesman, acts more like a consultant, which we really needed as there were so many things to consider and it was quite a big decision. In addition to the usual length and width choices, there are a lot of options and tradeoffs. Initially we thought that a 3 stall, 9'6" short wall, 7'6" wide, with no slide out would be adequate. After a couple of visits to Trailers Plus and many emails asking Steve for this or that configuration (which he promptly and cheerfully provided) we ended up at the Can-Am Equine show in Orangeville at the end of March. After more time talking with Mike (the Merhow US sales rep) and Steve in a trailer that he had ordered for the show, we suddenly realized that we were standing in a trailer that had absolutely everything we needed: all aluminum, 3 stalls, a 12'6" short wall, 8' wide and a slide out which made a huge difference in the interior space. It even had the right options, floor plan, exterior colour and ... the ceiling in the horse area was insulated! Both Mike and Steve were pleasantly surprised; we were ecstatic because the big decision was suddenly made easy, and we didn't have to wait to have our trailer built. After Steve spent time at Trailers Plus helping me back up and turn corners with a "big rig", it didn't take long to feel comfortable driving it on the highway, through town and backing it into our narrow driveway. The horses love the trailer too, especially the mangers, and easily load by themselves. We've been out several times already and everyone who has seen inside said they were very impressed both with the stall area, and the living quarters. The workmanship and the thought that has gone into making the trailer comfortable for people and horses is obvious. We're really looking forward to continuing this next stage in our trail riding adventure! Thanks Steve, Mike ... and Merhow!

The Grant's

Thank You!

To the team of staff at Trailers Plus, PeterboroughI would like to voice my gratitude for all of your efforts in helping me fulfill a long awaited goal of having my own custom built United enclosed trailer. Although you were not the first company to assist me in my purchase, it was clear that your pricing, helpful and knowledgeable staff and ability to respond in a timely and professional manner that assisted me in choosing to do business with you. Upon receiving notification of my trailers arrival, I was pleased to see your staff willing to assist in the first hookup and safety check before my approval for final delivery. There was no hassle and no fuss with paperwork, licensing, or any problems with my very specific order when I came to pick it up. I have been using my new 7x14 tandem axle unit to its fullest on a daily basis and am thrilled with every option that was selected. I will gladly be referring anyone who is considering purchasing a trailer to the folks at Trailers Plus, Peterborough!Thank You All for your efforts

Derek Mercer


Wow - what an awesome experience dealing with Steve Thomas, of Trailers Plus!
When I first decided, "Yes, it's time to get a horse trailer......so many thoughts went through my head." I wasn't sure if I wanted to buy used, new, aluminum, steel, step up, ramp and the list went on and on. The only thing I knew for sure was it was going to be a 2 Horse, bumper pull with an escape door.I started looking for a used trailer. Yes, there are lots of them out there but to find a safe, well cared for, and one that's priced right - well that's a different story. I had stopped at Trailers Plus a few times. So many times, that I'm sure Steve was getting tired of seeing me. But no.....................every time I stopped by to discuss the possibility of buying a new trailer I couldn't have asked for a better sales person than Steve. Knowledgeable, understanding, willing to listen to me, and patient. He went out of his way to show me all my options and fully explained everything I needed to know about each make and model I was interested in. He discussed payment options with me to see what would suit me the best.
Once, I decided to go with Twi-Lite and purchase the Duchess model (and boy am I glad I did) Steve' superior service continued. We sat down in his office and discussed what I personally needed in my new trailer. He even called me when the sales rep for Twi-Lite was in and wondered if I had any further questions for him.I have recently picked up my trailer - and again the day I went in to get it, Steve had every bit of paper work, completed, organized, and sitting there waiting for me.
I would highly recommend if you are even thinking about purchasing a trailer to go, sit down and talk to Steve. Trust me --- you will be glad you did!
Carma, (my lovely Rocky Mountain mare) and I LOVE our new trailer. Thanks for everything, Steve.

Jacquie Hansford

A Thank You to Trailers Plus and Lakota Trailers

Trailers Plus and Lakota Trailers,
This is just a little note, to say thank you for our new horse trailer and for the lawn chairs that we received. That was a nice surprise!
We'd also like to take this opportunity to tell the owners of Trailers Plus in Peterborough, that we were very happy with the way we were treated, by your salesman, Steve Thomas. He was very knowledgeable, and more than helpful, in guiding us through our purchase. We feel that he is a big asset to your staff! He made us feel very comfortable, and was a joy to deal with.
Our first horseshow is coming up in less than a month, and we are very excited about camping in our new trailer, and look forward to making many happy memories with it.
Thanks again, and take care!
Sue and Bruce Little
Littlehart Ranch
Parry Sound, Ontario

Littlehart Ranch


I would like to take a moment to say thanks to Al White for the excellent service he provided on the recent purchase I have made from your dealership. The short notice to manufacture the custom sized trailer was completed and delivered in remarkable time.
Thanks again for all your effort and excellent service.
Looking forward to dealing with you in the future.

Frank Besser


Purchased a Kiefer Built 2 + 1 Gooseneck/4 foot Dress Horse Trailer
We were impressed with this trailer, the way it tows; well balanced; nice and light; good look to it; stalls are quickly changeable.
As for service: Prompt, courteous, friendly, personnel and quick to answer any questions ? aims to please. I give them a 100%
But mainly the price was unbeatable with all the other places I had phoned. The trailer was exactly as described to me on the phone!
Thank you, I appreciated all your time and help.
Cyril Simek

Cyril Simek


Sometime in September we have stopped at Trailers Plus in Peterborough to look about for a 6 horse trailer. There were plenty to choose from, the Sales Rep showed us around and we set our sights on two; both aluminum, lightweight cattle transporters type trailers. The price was right, size was right (with a little rearrangement of "furniture" inside the trailer to accommodate six horses), it would have been easy purchase from now on. There was just one problem though, how do we get it transported to Chile- half way around the world.

Both trailers were too big to place them in a shipping container, even in the largest one, or an open type container, would accommodate neither of them. After dozens of phone calls and endless takings of measurements, we came with a plan to take the Lakota, and take it apart. Problem #2: who would want to take a perfectly functional trailer, and take it to pieces? We visited Trailers Plus one more time, and presented what we wanted to do with the trailer. The sales rep and the service department's Tom and Rob, after checking things out decided that it was "doable."
I, my associates in Chile, and my horses, will be forever grateful to all the staff of the Trailers Plus that surely "went out of their way"; Tom, Rob, Steve and others. Let the photos tell the rest of the story.

(Please refer to the customer gallery to view photos of this trailer.)

Gustavo Proto- Puchuncavi, Chile


We'd like to thank all members of the Trailers Plus team in helping make our decision to purchase a 2-horse Lakota bumper pull a seamless and happy one. Our older trailer was given more than a fair trade-in value and their expertise and ability to determine what best suited our needs, made the selection process an easy one. There was an issue with the jack however, and Trailers Plus replaced this completely to our satisfaction. It was truly a pleasure doing business with these folks and I would recommend Trailers Plus and the Lakota trailer to anyone.

Norma and Wayne Cunningham


We purchased a cargo trailer today and Al White was our salesperson. He did a fantastic job. We were very pleased with the service and he explained everything that we needed to know about our new trailer.
He informed us that he was only a phone call away if we had any questions or concerns.
All personnel were friendly and helpful. We would gladly do business there again and would recommend Trailers Plus in Peterborough to our friends.

Allen and Maureen Greenwood